Headphone Bluetooth Technology You Must Know About

The Bluetooth headset connects to your phone via a dedicated wireless network. The bluetooth headsets use specially developed technology that eliminates the ugly and clumsy wires that were once needed to connect the headset to the phone. Bluetooth headsets allow you to talk and listen through the earpiece without having to use your hands. The technology involved in the headset can ensure the safety and high quality of its use.

The bluetooth devices connect with mobile phones, smart phones or computers by using radio waves instead of wires or cables. The bluetooth is a wireless short-range communication technology standard that exists in millions of products that we use every day, including earphones, smartphones, laptops and portable speakers. Products with bluetooth technology (such as bluetooth headsets) are equipped with a small computer chip, which contains a bluetooth radio, and software that enables connections between devices.

Therefore, when bluetooth-enabled products (such as mobile phones and headsets) are close to each other, they will connect or pair. A single bluetooth headset can even connect to multiple devices at the same time. This allows you to talk or listen to music on the phone without disturbing wires or wires.


As with any mobile device, battery life is important for bluetooth headsets. If a lot of power is required to send or receive signals from a headset, it may require a battery that is too large or too heavy to be worn on the ear. However, by design, the frequency and short-range nature of bluetooth signals require very little power to operate. The low-power characteristics of the signal also limit the allowable range between the headset and the mother phone. The maximum distance you can place between the headset and the mother phone is about 164 feet. Further changes in the original bluetooth technology have further reduced the power required by the headset.

Bluetooth Network

The connected bluetooth headset becomes part of a special local wireless network. The headset is both the sender and receiver of wireless signals. The bluetooth signal itself is different from similar wireless signals because it contains radio waves configured using complex algorithms to ensure clear reception and transmission between the headset and the mobile phone. The result is that clear voice enters your ears, and clear voice is transmitted through the microphone. A bluetooth wireless network requires a master device. As far as the headset is concerned, it is your phone. Multiple devices can be connected to a single bluetooth master device. However, these devices (such as your headset) cannot communicate with each other and can only send and receive signals from the parent phone.

Headphone Technology

The quality of the sound signal obtained through the bluetooth connection is quite good. However, the inherent limitations of small microphones and earpieces often affect sound quality. Headphone designers use noise reduction techniques to try to create a better quality and less sound signal. Manufacturers use a variety of different technologies to improve sound quality. Some manufacturers use dual microphone settings to filter out external noise from the mouthpiece. An example of a technology to improve the signal received by a headset is bone conduction, which transmits sound vibrations through sound instead of projecting sound vibrations into the ear canal.

Pair With Phone

To use a bluetooth headset with a mobile phone, you must pair the mobile phone with the headset.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure your bluetooth headset is fully charged, turned on and compatible with the smartphone you want to pair with.
  2. Turn on the phone. Look for the bluetooth feature normally found under "Settings."
  3. Choose to turn on (when you turn on the bluetooth function, the phone will signal and start scanning for other bluetooth-enabled devices, such as your headset).
  4. When the phone finds the headset, the headset will be displayed on the screen. Which display a device list. Sometimes you will be asked to enter a PIN code to pair devices. If so, the PIN code should be provided with the headset. Usually, the pin number is 0000.
  5. After pairing the device, as long as you turn on the headset, all your phones will be automatically connected to your headset without you having to repeat the pairing process.