Matters Needing Attention When Using Humidifier

In today's society, people stay in heating rooms and air-conditioned rooms for a long time, which will cause the air to be particularly dry and cause a series of problems, such as skin peeling. Therefore, many people use humidifiers. However, it is worth noting that in the process of using the humidifier, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1.Humidity should be appropriate

When using a humidifier, the indoor humidity should be controlled. A healthy humidity environment is 45% to 65%. Under such humidity conditions, the human body feels the most comfortable, and various viruses are not easy to spread. Too high humidity can cause discomfort to the human respiratory system and mucous membranes, while too low humidity can cause dryness of the nasal cavity and skin molting. Therefore, when using a humidifier, if there is no automatic constant humidity function, you can also buy a hygrometer by yourself. It is best to have a hygrometer at home and stop humidifying when the humidity is reached.

2.Keep the house ventilated and clean

Due to the cold winter, people open windows and ventilation ducts much less frequently than in other seasons, and indoor air is stuffy and hot. If you often use a humidifier and do not pay attention to opening the windows for ventilation, mold is easy to grow indoors. Due to it, the elderly and weak children will be affected, so the cleanliness and ventilation of the house are also very important.

3.Optimal use environment

The humidifier works well in insulated and steam shielded rooms. The shielding layer can be used as a thermal insulation material to prevent heat loss in the house, which will make the house warm and comfortable.

4.Choice of water quality

It is recommended to use natural water or softened water. The most correct way is to boil the water, let it cool, and then pour it into the water tank. This will not only kill bacteria in the water, but also volatilize chlorine. If conditions permit, you can boil pure water and add it after cooling, so that the effect is better.

5.Keep the humidifier clean

When the humidifier is not working, keep it clean and dry, which is to avoid wasting energy and creating secondary effects. Make sure your equipment is working well. It must not make the air too humid. Although many humidifier devices come with a conditioning system, sometimes this may not be reliable.

6.Place it out of the reach of children

If there are children in the house, do not place the humidifier where they can reach. Because the humidifier is a low-power electrical appliance, it should avoid the hazards caused by children's improper operation. Therefore, it is necessary to stay away from children to protect their safety.