The Benefits of Choosing Solar Lighting

Why Outdoor Solar Lighting Is Important ?

Outdoor lighting provides a variety of uses and benefits for residential and commercial properties. It can add patterns and embellishments to the building, create a perfect atmosphere for the event, and provide protection against potential and dangerous threats. Whether it's function, design or safety, these are seven reasons why solar outdoor lighting is the perfect solution to replace any old and outdated natural gas or electric lighting.

Compared With Traditional Grid Lighting, There Are Many Advantages In Solar Lighting System.

  • Being resource-conserving and environment-friendly

Solar lighting is a green alternative to traditional lighting, which does not require power from the grid. Solar lamps are an easy way to reduce the carbon footprint. In addition to using converted energy from solar energy, solar lamps are also environmentally friendly because they are made of materials. Because the system is completely powered by solar energy, it is one of the world's leading renewable energy technologies. Solar energy is the battery used in the daytime. Most of the batteries are completely recyclable, especially for solar energy applications. At night, long lasting LED lights use up the stored power to illuminate the area. The next day, the process was repeated without external energy.

  • The comprehensive cost is low

Trying to cut down on expensive electricity bills? Outdoor solar lights are very cost-effective because they operate from the sun using rechargeable batteries and do not require any trenching or wiring. For consumers who want to cut costs, using LED bulbs is beneficial because they usually last longer than traditional bulbs and use less energy.

  • Being of High security

Outdoor lighting is not only beautiful, but also makes your home or work space less vulnerable to potential threats. If the building appears to be occupied or installed with safety fixtures, the chance of property damage can be reduced. For areas known for bad weather and blackouts, external solar lamps powered by rechargeable batteries are beneficial as the luminaire will continue to operate normally. If there are extension cables around to trip them, electronic lighting also poses a safety threat to children and pets.

  • Cost of installation is low

Installation costs can be very low, sometimes much lower than digging grid power to where lighting is needed. For some installations, all wiring is located at or near the pole and its voltage is low, so installation and maintenance are safer. Finally, obstacles such as root systems, underground utilities, or other barriers that usually lead to standard electrical trenching problems are no longer a problem.

  • Being Maintenance-free

These systems are actually maintenance free, especially since LED lamps have a service life of more than 20 years, so they are becoming more and more popular. When properly installed, commercial solar lighting systems are maintained every five to seven years. when the batteries are replaced, visual inspection of the solar panel glass and lamps is completed, it is recommended that all components be cleaned at the same time . All other components shall have a service life of more than 20-30 years without maintenance.

  • Being hassle free

When people decide to use standard natural gas or outdoor electronic lighting, there are limitations. One of the biggest frustrations is that you can only install these types of fixtures near gas or electrical connections. Second, most electronic equipment is very complex and requires professional assistance to install it. This process is time-consuming and costly because contractors usually charge per visit and require a landscaping team and electricians to dig holes to lay the proper wiring. Using solar lighting, installation only takes a few minutes and does not require expensive routine maintenance.

  • The installation is flexible

Since outdoor solar lamps do not require wires, most of these solar lamps are designed to be installed and placed almost anywhere in direct sunlight. While some models are designed with detachable solar panels that can be mounted anywhere, most models have integrated solar panels that are directly injected into each lamp cap. (in order to make full use of outdoor solar lamps, it is suggested that you place the lamps / solar panels in areas with direct sun exposure.)