Safety Door Stopper (7 Pcs Animals)

7 KD
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  • Mainly used in home doors, tables and chairs.
  • Prevent the damage of the door when the wind is strong
  • Avoid the noise of the collision
  • Prevent the child from being locked in the room.

Instructions for use:

Installed on the moving door or sliding door, can prevent the child from pinching the door when the door is closed or the door is closed unexpectedly.

https://monkeypiggy.com/collections/home/products/safety-door-stopper-7-pcs-animals 1
https://monkeypiggy.com/collections/home/products/safety-door-stopper-7-pcs-animals 2
https://monkeypiggy.com/collections/home/products/safety-door-stopper-7-pcs-animals 3

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