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Sushi Maker - Japanese Sushi Roll Kit DIY

8 KD

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Made of high end quality plastic, our sushi maker is enduring and strong.
This sushi maker forms a perfect bond between quality and precision.
Cooking isn't simply talent and taste - it's also about having the right equipment. Our sushi making kit can be used to create all kinds of delicacies, such as cake rolls, fudge rolls and many many more!

Quick and Simple: With just three easy steps, simply fill the tube with rice and add your favorite ingredients, then plunge the rice right through the tube- the perfect sushi maker! Great aid for large dinners, it will have your guests coming back for more perfectly formed sushi. Impress your friends and significant others and cultivate your sushi making talents!

Save Your Time and Money: It's fresh, delicious, and nutritious sushi! Instead of heading out to a sushi bar, exercise your culinary creativity with homemade sushi rolls.

Easy to Wash: Just open, dismantle, and clean. This kit is dishwasher safe. Once you are done with your amazing sushi meal, you just throw it in the dishwasher – and then it’s ready for your next cooking adventure!

Safe for Children: Have fun and create memories making sushi with your kids! This kit is fun to use, easy, and safe. There are no small parts or sharp edges, so you can have a good and safe time.


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