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Vacuum Sealing Food Lids

9 KD

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Is leftover food always going to the trash bin? What a waste...

And that’s because you’re storing them wrong!

Keep food and beverages FRESH All Day Long!
These Vacuum Sealing Food Lids literally vacuum seals your bowl, jar or glass...

Instantly turn ANY container
into a vacuum-sealed food keeper!

Leakproof Vacuum Seal Technology

  • Simple Concept — Just close and press to seal!
  • Preserves 3 TIMES the shelf life and freshness of your food!

Benefits of Vacuum Sealing

As recommended by nutritionists and food experts...

✔ Isolates bacteria from getting into your stored food.

 Stops moisture and molds from forming.

✔ Effectively lengthens the shelf life of food!

Non-Breakable Fresh-Keeping
TPU Film & Silicone

Plus, it’s 100% Food-Grade Safe & BPA-Free!

TPU is the core material of bulletproof vests, so it’s guaranteed to be durable and long-wearing. It can withstand thousands of washes and reuses.

Universal Applicability

Perfect for containers of ANY shape, material, and size...

Use it for ceramic bowls, metal jars, plastic cups, wine glasses, and more!

Dishwasher, Microwave,
& Freezer Safe

It’s also easily stackable in the fridge or cupboard.

with Absolute Reusability

Reduces the waste of plastic wraps in landfills!

Total Food-Keeping Convenience:
No more wasted leftovers...

These Vacuum Sealing Food Lids make the EASIEST food preservation method! No need to buy dozens of expensive airtight containers. Just use whatever you already have and then seal away! Try it NOW!!!


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