Components and Working principles of Solar Lamp

Energy is an important guarantee for social and economic development, and vigorously developing renewable energy is the main way to solve the energy crisis. Not only the improvement of people's living standards and people's awareness of environmental protection, but also paying more attention to the importance of sustainable development and human health, have expanded people's demand for lamps and lanterns which are pollution-free, environment-friendly and energy-saving.

Solar street lamp is a crystalline silicon solar cell power supply and valve controlled sealed maintenance free battery. With super bright LED as light source, it is used for storing electrical energy, and controlled by intelligent charging and discharge controller. It is used instead of traditional public power lighting lamp, without laying cables, communication power supply and electricity.There are lots of advantages in it, such as, being of stability,having a long life, high luminous efficiency, simple installation and maintenance, high safety performance, energy saving and environmental protection. It can be widely used in urban trunk roads, secondary roads, residential areas, factories, tourist attractions, parking lots and other places

 About Solar Street Lamps:

  1.  The solar street lamp is an effective and efficient light source, which can be powered by photovoltaic panel.
  2. They are usually mounted on lighting structures.
  3. There is a rechargeable battery, which is charged by the photovoltaic panel.
  4. The battery power will be used to power fluorescent or LED lamps at night.
  5. With sensors, solar panels can be turned on and off automatically when sensing outdoor light with the help of light sources.
  6. They are designed to work at night.

 Working Principle:

  •  Photovoltaic solar cells convert the radiation of sunlight into electrical energy.
  • The conversion is made by using semiconductor materials of the device.
  • The process of energy conversion is often referred to as the "photovoltaic effect".
  • It is also known as a solar cell or "photovoltaic cell".
  • The principle and effect of daytime solar panels made of photovoltaic solar cells.
  • The received electrical energy is stored in the battery.
  • In the evening, the illumination is reduced to 10 lux.
  • The solar panel disconnects the circuit voltage of about 4.5V.
  • Use the charging and discharging controller to detect the movement of the voltage value.
  • The charging and discharging controller is usually used to protect the battery.

All in all, in the daytime, under the control of the intelligent controller of the solar street lamp, the solar panel absorbs the solar light into electric energy after sunshine.And the solar cell module charges the battery in the daytime, and the battery at night can provide power for the LED light source, which has the lighting function. The DC controller ensures that the battery pack will not be damaged due to overcharge or over discharge, and has the functions of light control, time control, temperature compensation, lightning protection and reverse polarity protection.

 Principle of Solar Street Lamp System Composition:

Solar street lamp system can guarantee more than 15 days of normal rainy weather! The system consists of LED light source (including driver), solar panel, battery (including battery insulation box), solar street lamp controller, street lamp pole (base) and wire accessories.

Solar Cell Module:

It is usually made of monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon solar cells. High power LED light source is generally selected for LED lamp holder; the controller is usually placed on the lamp pole, involving control, overcharge, discharge protection and reverse connection protection. The more advanced controller has four seasons to adjust lighting time, half power, intelligent charging and discharging functions, etc; the battery is usually placed underground or has a special battery incubator, which can be used as valve regulated lead-acid battery, colloidal battery, iron and aluminum Battery or lithium battery. Solar lamps are fully automatic and do not require trenching, but poles need to be mounted on embedded components (concrete bases).