Tea-Making Stove : Intelligent and Automatic

The culture of tea has a long history. Not only does tea play an important role in social interaction, but also its flavor and potential health benefits make tea popular.

Due to the popularization of tea drinking, tea cooking stoves have gradually become a daily necessities for people’s life. The tea-making stove has functions, such as intelligence, integration, and simplicity, which conforms to the trend of modern life.

The intelligent automatic tea maker has lots of characteristics, as follows:

  1. Intelligent water addition: Smooth water addition + Automatic return, no need to turn, making drinking tea an easy and simple enjoyment.
  2. One pot with multiple functions: The electric kettle has the functions of high temperature sterilization and low-frequency slow cooking, which is healthy and safe. And it has added disinfection function. What’s more, it can also be used as a storage cup for daily use, preventing dust and insects, keeping the desk clean and tidy at all times.
  3. One-piece base: It does not take up any desk space, and the intelligent control panel makes the operation clear at a glance.
  4. One to three: Integrate pumping, boiling, and disinfecting tea cups, with three main characteristics: luxurious appearance style, streamlined and convenient functions, and rigorous detail control.

There are many advantages of our tea stove , as follows:

  • Lightweight design, light and compact, easy to store and carry, simple design, High capacity,simple streamlined shape, clear engraving, fine carving, every detail is very detailed.
  • With exquisite craft, it has smooth texture and beautiful wood grain
  • Contemporary simple and clean look, this tea set will be a beautiful sculpture to your living space.Set on any table, counter, or desk to bring natural beauty to your home or office.
  • This product use harmless to the human body materials.
  • It is very convenient to use, easy to clean.
  • Easy view of the water window so you can easily see the amount of water in the kettle.
  • 360-degree base for easy or left-handed use of the kettle.
  • Food-grade stainless steel, all-steel lining, lid, sterilizer, to ensure the health and safety of your drinking water, 270 degrees large angle smooth water automatic rotation, multi-directional conversion, water disinfection can be particularly flexible.