The Necessary Artifact in Hot Summer: Hands-Free Neckband Fan

In the summer, facing the high temperature, I really dare not go out. It is a torment season for people who fear the heat. I am not only afraid of the sun being too strong, but also sweating profusely. Therefore, I can only minimize the frequency of going out.

But for some groups who have to go out, such as office workers or some special industries that go outsides to work, the hot summer weather is really a huge challenge. At this time, the summer cool artifact is a necessity, which can solve the problem of sultry heat and bring comfortable coolness.

In order to prevent sunburn in summer, people usually use parasols, but they still can’t resist sweating. Although holding a small fan can bring a momentary coolness, but it is still necessary to hold it by hand. You are too busy to take your cellphone, because you hold a parasol while holding a fan. Thus, a portable hangs-free neckband fan is needed. This kind of fan does not need to be hand-held, and the wind is stable. This new fan can enjoy comfort wherever you go.  

The portable hanging neck fan is easy to carry. It uses a twin-turbo design and a hidden air inlet, which looks like a headset. The three-speed wind can be adjusted, the angle can be adjusted at will, and the USB charging method is used. The neckband of the halter fan uses a comfortable silicone material, which is softer and fits the skin better. 

It is also very convenient to wear it when going out for fun, and it is almost enough to use the 2nd wind. It can be adjusted at will and can be used to blow the face while blowing the neck. The sound at work is not loud, so I don’t have to worry about noise at all. It can be used even in class and work. I love it very much. Recently, it has become a must-have for me to commute.

The hanging neck design is really suitable for "lazy party". You can wear it directly on your neck. It is small and does not take up any space. The hanging handle can be bent at will, which saves space. It is very convenient to use it as soon as you want, freeing your hands.

As we all know, the hangs-free neckband fan has many advantages, which bring convenience and comfort to people. The specific advantages are as follows:

  • Free your hands: The neckband fan is designed as a headphone to free your hands anywhere; The fashion style makes you look cool, so you can enjoy the chill wind while doing what you want to do.
  • Aromatherapy function: The aromatherapy function makes you enjoy the refreshing and elegant natural winds; infuse the essential oil you prefer and gives you a pleasant aroma.
  • Dual fan and flexible arms: The portable fan has two wind heads, it can feel stronger airflow, and it can adjust the direction 360 degrees allowing you to adapt to any different angle. It can bring you very comfortable feeling.
  • Adjustable speed level: Neck strap fan has low / medium / high speed level. Set the appropriate fan speed by pressing the power button.
  • USB Rechargeable: Built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery. The mini personal fan is compatible with most computers, laptops, portable chargers, and other devices with a USB port.