W34 Smart Watch Sports Bluetooth Watch for IOS / Android

W34 smartwatch 1.54 ultra-clear screen, portable magnetic suction charging, social entertainment, sports recording and other functions.The Bluetooth 4.0 connection is ideal for android and iOS smartphones. And with smartwatch settings, you can adjust the screen brightness and screen brightness for a better experience.

There are lots of  Effective and Useful Functions in it, as follows:

--Dial: Bluetooth call via cellphone, talk at the watch end.
--Phonebook: Sync all the contacts in the cellphone, max is 400 contacts.
--Call logs: Sync all the calls history in the cellphone.
--SMS: Sync all the messages in the cellphone (Not support iOS phone yet).

2.Bluetooth: Search the device you want connect, or disconnect the devices.

3.Pedometer: check the steps you walked during the day, calories burn and walk distance. Everyday 0 o’clock all the data will be saved automatically and reset to 0. Slide up enter option; it can check 7 days local records; and you can set a target for everyday steps; put into all your information for more accurate measure your steps data, such as Gender, Height, Weight etc.

4.Sleep monitor: The smart watch will turn on it automatically from 9 p.m to 9 a.m. It records your sleep duration and quality, help you adjust a better rest time, and improve sleep quality. Slide up enter options; Recording your history to check out deep sleep and light sleep. 

5.Heart rate monitor: Best position where wearing the watch tightly with your wrist would be upper of the hand-wrist, around 20 seconds it will shows the real time heart rate data, slide down menu into history, mode includes single measure and continuous measure. Generally speaking, normal value is 60-90 times/min.

6.ECG: The smart watch adopts optical heart rate and ECG combine technology, and about 30 seconds can show the data. After test will appear ToAPP, which means ECG data saving to phone “Fundo”. 

7.Sedentary: Set a long-time reminder of sit, reminding you have a stand when time up.

8.Anti-lost: Click “find phone”, connected phone will be ringing warning, after finding the phone, tap “End” of the phone to stop the alarm, it works both watch and Apps sides.

9.Alarm: The watch can set 5 alarms, long press can cancel alarm.

10.Stopwatch: Single timing, tap the left icon to start timing, and tap to pause, tap again for cumulative time.