Why are Smart Watches Increasingly Prominent in People's Daily Life ?

The Concept of SmartWatch           

Smart watch is to intelligentize the built-in system of the watch, and connect the smart phone system with the network to realize multi-function. With the rapid development of technology, most of the traditional electronic products gradually began to add new functions. For example, the watch used to be used for timing can now be connected through smart phones or WiFi to display phone messages, news and all kinds of information.

The original concept of smart watch appeared in the United States in 1972. The pulsar, which was launched by Hamilton watch company in 1972, is the first electronic watch in the world. It uses red LED chip to display the time number. Three years later, Hamilton launched the first electronic calculator watch. Jiao Seiko uc-2000, which came out in 1984, was already a miniature personal phone, which can be connected with an external keyboard, and the memory space in the watch can be used for writing in basic language.

The Difference between Traditional Watch and smart Watch  

The traditional watch has always been simple and practical, it has two functions for people to wear and timing. As long as the low-end watch has the function of timing and the cutting-edge of modeling, it is easy to update. The highlight of high-end watches is embodied in the grasp of time accuracy and the modeling of machine aesthetics and high-tech style. The movements of many traditional watches are fine to micron. In order to prevent high-strength wear, the movements of watches are made of silicon materials and ceramic materials. These materials need very precise equipment to be manufactured. At the same time, it is not affected by the magnetic field.           

In essence, smart watch is just an intelligent device with the same way of wearing as a watch. It pays attention to the diversity of functions and combines the popular modeling elements with the functions of some digital products. Therefore, the existing smart watches are only suitable for young people to wear in casual occasions. Smart watches have more price potential reflected in the interaction between products and people. Sensors can sense the needs of users. In addition to answering phone calls, reading text messages and sending e-mails, there are also step counting, sleep monitoring and even heart rate monitoring.         

Five Advantages of Smart Watch

1.Instant messaging and phone calls.

People like to be informed and they want to feel connected. That's why smart watches are so attractive. Imagine that you can do most things on your smartphone without having to pull out your phone. If you have a smart watch on your wrist, you don't need to take your phone out of your pocket. You can answer a phone call or reply to a message while you are on the road. Some watches also have voice support. Some Smartwatch models have built-in flash drives. Others include voice and gesture control, cloud data and built-in Activity Tracker.

Everyone wants to connect, but let's face it, there are places where mobile phones are not suitable. Although you want to meet your family or clients, it's impossible in some places. Smart watches make it easier to see information instantly.           

 2.The function of fitness tracker.

The core function of many smart watches is to track physical fitness. If you want to bring a fitness tracker or pedometer, you can replace it with a good smart watch. What can a smart watch do? It can count steps, distance, calories, heart rate, pulse rate, sleep time, and some can even use this number to calculate other important indicators you may need.           

 3.A media that can quickly find a phone.

Missing the phone is a very frustrating experience, it always seems to happen before the important occasions when we can't be late! Today, smart watches can make that inconvenience a thing of the past. Most watches have a "find mobile phone" function. You can connect to your phone. If your phone is lost, just press a few buttons on the watch and you can find it in seconds.           

 4.View social media alerts.

Who doesn't want to see Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, snapchat or other social notifications on their wrists? Some watches only show your information and social media activities, but others also allow you to interact with the app. I don't recommend it as the main way you interact with people on social media because it's a bit clumsy, but it's great when you're out running or something else!           

When you find a watch that works, be careful. Many manufacturers claim that their watches are "connected" in this way, but they actually need to receive a Bluetooth signal from your phone. A truly independent smart watch requires a data plan and SIM card, and thus the price is often higher.           

 5.As a great sport partner

When you're running, cycling, swimming or any other forms of exercise, you may want to peek at your messages, phone calls, or announcements. Sometimes, it's impossible to carry your mobile phone with you during these activities. However, when you do, it makes you feel embarrassed and annoyed. That's where smart watches really work.