Htchllic focuses on B2C cross-border export e-commerce and is committed to bringing China's high-quality goods, efficient supply chain and top class customer service to the world.

1.Comprehensive quality control All products undergo supplier review, arrival inspection, after-sales feedback monitoring , and are tested to strict quality control standards.

2.Strict selection of suppliers htchllic has been running for more than five years in China and has accumulated a wealth of supply chain resources. Their products are sourced from a network of trusted suppliers in 100+ regions of China to ensure only top quality products are offered.

3.Fast and convenient logistics htchllic has partnerships with many professional international shipping companies to offer fast and convenient door to door delivery to more than 200 countries.

4. Payment Security htchllic offers more than 15 different secure payment methods, from Cash on delivery to Credit card,your payment is safe, secure and convenient.

5.Professional service and product warranty Online Shopping at We believe in providing not only hot gadgets and great gifts but also the best support and service. We've been delivering best bang for your buck for over 5 years, every item we stock is carefully selected to ensure we offer you top quality at competitive prices.