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Compact Safety Shovel

6 KD

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Our COMPACT Safety Shovel is custom designed to be the ideal multi-purpose shovel for your car. 

Incorporating a shovel, ice-scraper, squeegee wings and safety reflectors in a car friendly compact size this shovel is prefect to keep in your vehicle at all times. 

The compact size with dual handle ergonomics and high-capacity shovel make it ideal for clearing snow or dirt from around your car and can fit under the body and around wheel arches.

IDEAL FOR: Clearing Snow, Car Safety, Breaking ice, Clearing windscreens, EDC,  Stow on your back pack and take it anywhere its great for camping too.

WORKS ON SNOW, EARTH, SAND: This Shovel is ideal for moving snow and breaking ice while the squeegee wings are great for cleaning debris from your windshield.

SAFE AND SECURE: Never be caught out again, this shovel is larger than the MINI version and will move snow fast to help get you free from any situation.

COMPACT SIZE: There-when-you-need-it, SUNMERS® Compact Shovel is small enough to keep anywhere in your car so you always have to it hand when you need it.


small 24x12x5cm 140g

medium 22x15x6cm 235g

large 45x20x6cm 330g

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