Floral Diaper Backpack+Portable Changing Mat

24 KD

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Floral Diaper Backpack

Material: Nylon

Item Width: 18cm

Item Length: 24cm

Item Height: 40cm

Item Weight: 0.52kg

Portable Changing Mat

Having a baby means you"re no stranger to diaper changes, which can be at best challenging, and at worst - messy. That"s why investing in a portable changing pad is a smart idea. The portable changing mat provides comfy and clean surfaces for diaper changes, both at home or on the go. They may be foldable or rollable, and they come in different shapes, sizes and materials.

░ Single-Handed Convenience in One Crafty Little Change Mat
A compact, lightweight design, these changing mats fold up like a small purse with a convenient handle. And when it’s time to change your baby’s diaper, simply unfold it to its full size where you’ll have plenty of room to position your baby while accessing the three internal pockets holding accessories.

░ Convenient Storage Pockets
The three storage pockets give you plenty of room for storing baby's (or mom's) essentials, such as diapers, burp cloths, wet wipes, pacifiers and clips, or anything else your baby needs.

░ 100% Waterproof & Easy to clean
The PEVA ‘interior’ is just like a raincoat. Water beads on top and wipes away in a second.

Portable Changing Mat 1

Portable Changing Mat 4
Portable Changing Mat 5
Portable Changing Mat 6
Portable Changing Mat 7
Portable Changing Mat 8
Portable Changing Mat 9
Portable Changing Mat 10
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