FLQ Technology (Kuwait) Ltd

AI-08 Hair Removal Devices

27 KD 35 KD

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Are you worried about looking at a lot of hair? Worried about going to the beach to wear a bikini?

I hate hair under my arms and my hair is very hate.When shaving with a razor, the black spots will remain well.Harder and ugly than a beard.Hair removal cream has a strong odor and leaves black spots.Compared to a home hair remover and salon hair loss, the benefits of a beauty salon is that the laser hair loss is high energy and efficient for hair loss.The cons is expensive and regular hair loss.Office workers are very inconvenient for those on business trips.Household hair remover is cheaper than salon and takes time.Short.Easy to remove hair at home.No matter how many times you use it, the effect will reach the level of beauty salon.Household Epilators can control pain but beauty salons can't control themselves.You can also use the hair removal device to remove hair throughout the house.You don't have to worry about bothering by looking at the furry skin.

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